BEd University Of Pretoria

BEd University Of Pretoria

BEd University Of Pretoria, The Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria is one of the largest and most diverse facilities in Africa for the initial and advanced training of education professionals from across the world.

The Faculty of Education is housed on the beautiful and self-contained Groenkloof Campus of the University of Pretoria. This faculty has the widest range of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes for any student who intends to embark on education studies full time or through distance learning. In recent years, each of these programmes was internationally benchmarked and draws growing numbers of students from countries across the world.

The Faculty of Education is ranked among the top 250 in the world. On the QS World University Rankings, we are rated as the top education faculty in South Africa based on the number of NRF-rated researchers. The Faculty is internationally recognised for its academic standards and its research citations. Our programmes are strengthened by our partnerships with other departments and faculties within the University of Pretoria.

For more information, prospective students are encouraged to contact us

Undergraduate Programmes

View Undergraduate Faculty brochure 

We offer the following qualifications:

Education Degrees

  • Pre-school to grade 3 – Bachelor of Education (BEd): Foundation Phase Teaching 
  • Grades 4 to 7 – BEd Intermediate Phase Teaching 
  • Grades 7 to 12 – BEd Senior and Further Education and Training Phase Teaching

Higher Certificate

  • Higher Certificate in Sport Science Education

Would you like to:

• Make a difference in the life of a child?

• Serve children, your community and your country?

• Ignite the spark of curiosity in children?

• Help children to become creative and thinking citizens?

• Experience the joy of seeing children learn to read, write and count?

• Experience on a daily basis the love for learning and the love of teaching?

• Make the world a better place?


Admission requirements for the Faculty of Education

Candidates with one of the following qualifications can apply:

• National Senior Certificate (NSC)

• Cambridge Level A

• Independent examinations Board (IEB)

To be able to gain access to the Faculty and specific programmes, prospective students require appropriate combinations of recognised subjects (NSC/Cambridge Level A/IEB), as well as certain level of achievement in these subjects.


Admission Point Score (APS)

The calculation of the APS is based on a candidate’s achievement in six 20-credit recognised subjects by using the NSC ratings that is the 1 to 7 scale of achievement – adding them together.

Thus, the highest APS that can be achieved is 42.

Life Orientation is excluded from the calculation.


Rating code Marks

7 Outstanding 80-100% 6 Meritorious 70-79% 5 Substantial 60-69% 4 Adequate 50-59% 3 Moderate 40-49% 2 Elementary 30-39% 1 Not achieved 0-38%

All programmes have minimum subject and level requirements

● Preliminary admission is based on the results obtained in the final Grade 11 examination. Yet, the final Grade 12 results will be the determining factor with regard to admission.

● Candidates with an APS of 28 and higher will be given preference.

● Candidates with an APS of 26-27 must write the National Benchmark Test (NBT) to be considered by the Admissions Committee of the Faculty. To find out more about the NBT, visit

● For the Higher Certificate in Sports Science Education, an APS of 20 and higher is required.

● With Mathematics Literacy, you will be able to enrol for the Foundation Phase Programme; the Intermediate Phase Programme as well as Languages; Art; Music and other Humanities Education specialization areas (but NOT Natural and Mathematical and Economic and Management Sciences).

● The Natural Sciences packages require Mathematics, passed with a rating code of 5 (60%-69%) in Grade 12, or Mathematics code (50%-59%) for Economics and Management Sciences and Physical Sciences electives.

● For the Higher Certificate in Sports Science Education, a selection process based on academic and sport achievements will take place.


Career opportunities when you have a BEd degree:

• Teach at pre-schools; primary schools and secondary schools. In addition, any BEd electives taken to the third year level, will allow you to enter study for an honours degree including Sciences; Humanities and Economics and Management Sciences.

• With a postgraduate qualification you may be considered for posts as University lecturers; educational psychologists; school principals; senior educational leaders; programme evaluators; curriculum designers; computer education experts; assessment specialists; education policy analysts; educational advisors, etc

• A Higher Certificate in Sports Science Education will allow a career in sport coaching.



To apply online: Students who want to apply for UP loans or UP funding must:

• First apply for admission to study at the University and wait to receive a student number

• Apply for funding as soon as the University has sent a student number, (even before they have been notified of whether their study application was successful or not) and should not wait for their final school-year end examination results before applying for funding

• Apply for UP funding between 1 August and 30 November of the year preceding the commencement of studies

• Apply on the University of Pretoria website at e.g.and NSFAS and Funza Lushaka

• Regularly follow-up their applications on the UP Portal ‘Student Centre’



• The Funza Lushaka Bursary from the Department of Basic Education is a bursary that aims to attract high performing students into the field of teaching. The bursaries are a multi- year commitment to fund undergraduate qualifications in priority areas as determined by the DBE, with selections made by the DBE and the Provincial Departments.

• Applications are open online at from 1 October to the second week of January, before you start the BEd studies.


Closing dates for all applications

The closing date for applications is 30 September.

Apply online.

Visit applications at

Apply or submit applications for admission and for living in residences.


For all admission enquiries: Call Centre: 012 420 5546/ 5615

E-mail: or


BEd: Senior Phase

The programme comprises:

Fundamental Modules Core Modules Elective Modules
  • Academic Information Management
  • Literacies in Education
  • Academic Service Learning
  • Education
  • Research Methodology
  • Teaching Practice
  • Choose three subjects on first year level of which two should also be taken up to second year
  • Learning Support(Remedial Education is compulsory on 4th year level

For further academic information, contact:

Academic Package coordinator:

Administrative advisor:

Drs S van Putten en W Rauscher


Tel:      012 420 5657/5573

Ms Hannie de Weerd


Tel:      012 420 5644


Distance Education

Do you want to become a leader in education by improving your qualifications at an up-to-date, world-class university? This is your opportunity.

For a number of years, the University of Pretoria has been offering a variety of distance education programmes.The Faculty of Education has established itself as a national leader in teaching innovation and education research. Its programmes enjoy international recognition, and are aimed at training world-class leaders to develop a generation of innovative thinkers.

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