University Of Pretoria Res

University Of Pretoria Res

University Of Pretoria Res, The University of Pretoria has accommodation available for post-doctoral students, visiting lecturers/professors, guests etc.

Find Student Accommodation Near the University of Pretoria at Varsity Lodge! 

The University of Pretoria is one of the oldest and most reputable academic establishments in South Africa, and every year around 50 000 students pursue full-time or part-time studies there. The high success rates, the wonderful weather in Pretoria and the central location of the university make it a very popular choice for most students, but this also means that competition for accommodation is strong, and student accommodation near the University of Pretoria is often very hard to find or very expensive.

Most parents want to know that their child attending this university has comfortable living quarters that are safe and conducive to good quality study time, and they tend to opt for the student residences of the university.  It is, however, not possible to accommodate all the students in these establishments and waiting lists are often long.  This forces students to find accommodation elsewhere in the city, and often they only find reasonable quarters far away from the campus or end up spending a fortune on apartments or houses.

There is now an answer for those who are looking for student accommodation near the University of Pretoria!  At Varsity Lodge, we provide a range of safe and well-managed residences that are located near various campuses around the country.  Students are able to share these residences with others while they study and socialise – all of this at a reasonable cost in comfortable and conveniently located living quarters.

At Varsity Lodge, we offer different types of accommodation.  Our student accommodation near the University of Pretoria is in Lynnwood, and it consists of a number of units that each contains between five and seven bedrooms, with shared common areas such as the kitchen, lounge and dining room.

Bathrooms are also shared according to the bedroom arrangements.  Double bedrooms are two separate rooms sharing a bathroom, and the single bedrooms are bigger with their own bathroom.  These units are furnished with the basics, and the lounge contains large couches with a flat screen television cabled into the full bouquet of DStv.  We also have a laundry on site for residents’ use, and WiFi is included in the rental fees.  The crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils, microwave, fridge, kettle, toaster and freezer provide for all the basic needs in the kitchen, and we do not tolerate smoking in any of our buildings or facilities.

We aim to provide all of our residents with a safe and comfortable home. We therefore ensure that a strict set of house rules is followed by all residents.  We feel that it is important for our residents to live in a happy environment where they can study, interact and relax.  Guests are welcome but our house rules apply to them as well.

If you are looking for student accommodation near the University of Pretoria campus and would like to know more about our lodges, give our team at Varsity Lodge a call.  We also have student accommodation available in Potchefstroom, Nelspruit and various other areas near the relevant campuses.  Give us a call today for more information


Welcome to TuksRes – “Your home away from home”

The Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, fondly referred to as the TuksRes Family, is a stand-alone business unit, with various management teams serving residence students.

With 10 000 students in our accommodation spaces, the University of Pretoria is proud to be known as the largest residential university in South Africa.

The Department of Residence and Accommodation is responsible for Residence Management and Student Life, Finance Administration, Placement Management, Accommodation and Maintenance Management, Student Support – Residences, Residence Systems and Food Services. By having a broad structure like TuksRes, one is able to manage the various needs of our student sector living in a residence.

About Us

In October 2004, the Council of the University of Pretoria made an executive decision to streamline all the various functions related to residences under one business unit. This was to alleviate the various silos that existed all over campus and therefore the Department of Residence Affairs and accommodation (TuksRes) was born.


To offer an on-campus living environment that supports each student’s academic experience at the University of Pretoria.


To strive towards creating a community that fosters safety/security, personal development/growth and the rendering of professional services. We are furthermore committed to be responsive to the needs of all residents and to be driven by the ideal of realising a better quality of student life in our residences. As we live by our motto – Legaegae, Real Home – we strive to provide each and every student with a living community they can call home.

Hatfield residences

On the University of Pretoria’s Hatfield Campus, we host 8 female undergraduate residences, 6 male undergraduate residences, 1 mixed undergraduate residence and 4 mixed postgraduate residences.

Please click on the relevant residence of choice to access their individual website:

Undergraduate Female Residences
Undergraduate Male Residences
Undergraduate Mixed Residences 
Postgraduate Mixed Residences










   8 residences    6 residences    1 residence    4 residences

Groenkloof residences

On the University of Pretoria’s Groenkloof Campus, we host 3 female undergraduate residences and 1 male undergraduate residence.

Please choose your preferred residence from the table below

Undergraduate Female Residences
Undergraduate Male Residence
  3 residences    1 residence

Prinshof residences

On the University of Pretoria’s Prinshof Campus, we host 1 female undergraduate residences, 1 male undergraduate residence and 1 mixed undergraduate residence.

Please choose your preferred residence from the options given below:

Undergraduate Female Residence
Undergraduate Male Residence 
Undergraduate Mixed Residence 
Mixed Residence
Curlitzia Olympus Tuks Bhopelong Hippokrates
   1 residence    1 residence     1 residence

Tuks Naledi

Tuks Naledi is a 9 year old mixed-residence of the University of Pretoria that caters only for first year students currently studying the BSc Four-Year Programme. We are a mixed residence that prides itself on academics and students’ well-being. We implement Tuks Naledi values that students live by in order to have a residence that is well respected. Our values include the following:

  • Pride
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Unity
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

The students have a student house committee that caters for the students’ academic, personal and physical well-being. Furthermore, the students have a house mother that helps maintain a stable, well groomed residence by implementing discipline where necessary.

We have in-house tutors who are always there to help with the different modules that students have, they are free of charge.

It is also a residence that promotes diversity and transformation. In other words, as a residence we need to start adding multicultural diversity in all out events as this will create a fun and educational environment for the students.

We make it our duty to ensure the comfort, safety and success of the first years in the time that they are in Tuks Naledi.  Additionally, we treat males and females equally with no discrimination of any sorts.

Our mandate is to invoke a sense of social, academic and wellbeing responsibility, in that way we can fulfil our motto by producing:


Private Accommodation

Unfortunately residence placement at the University of Pretoria cannot be guaranteed as the demand, by far, exceeds the places available. The following providers, amongst others, provide private accommodation:

Click on the link below to see the list of Private Accommodation Providers

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