UP Humanities

UP Humanities

UP Humanities, The Faculty of Humanities, one of the oldest and most respected Humanities faculties in South Africa. Established almost 100 years ago, the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria has a long tradition of and extensive experience in providing undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a wide range of disciplines in the languages, arts, and the humanities and social sciences.

Humanities Departments

Below are the various departments in the Faculty:

  • African Languages
  • Afrikaans
  • Ancient and Modern Languages & Cultures
  • Anthropology and Archaeology
  • English
  • Historical and Heritage Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Political Sciences
  • Psychology
  • School of the Arts
  • Sociology
  • Social Work and Criminology
  • Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Office of the Dean Staff

Prof Vasu Reddy
Tel: +27 12 420 2318
Email: vasu.reddy@up.ac.za
Deputy Dean: Teaching and Learning
Prof Hennie Stander
Tel: +27 12 420 6505
Email: hennie.stander@up.ac.za
Deputy Dean: Postgraduate Studies and Ethics
Prof Maxi Schoeman
Tel: +27 12 420 2660
Email: maxi.schoeman@up.ac.za
Management Assistant
Ms Fanele Khuzwayo
Tel: +27 12 420 2360 (For student queries, please contact 012 420 4843)
Email: fanele.khuzwayo@up.ac.za / dean.humanities@up.ac.za
Assistant Director: Student Administration
Ms Bonga Tsebe
Tel: +27 12 420 2188 (For student queries, please contact 012 420 4843)
Email: bonga.tsebe@up.ac.za
Management Assistant
Ms Susan Bok
Tel: +27 12 420 4843
Email: susan.bok@up.ac.za
Ms Siya Jinoyi
Tel: +27 12 420 2618
Email: siya.jinoyi@up.ac
Ms Lesego Moeng
Tel: +27 12 420 4770
Email: lesego.moeng@up.ac.za
Ms Marinda Maree
Tel: +27 12 420 2505
Email: marinda.maree@up.ac.za
Ms Vicky Reynders
Tel: +27 12 420 4136
Email: vicky.reynders@up.ac.za
Ms Wilma Da Gama
Tel: +27 12 420 2984
Email: wilma.dagama@up.ac.za
Ms Dineo Mahlangu
Tel: +27 12 420 4856
Email: dineo.mahlangu@up.ac.za
Ms Amanda Strauss
Tel: +27 12 420 4293
Email: amanda.strauss@up.ac.za
Ms Kgabo Dinyake
Tel: +27 12 420 3889
Email: kgabo.dinyake@up.ac.za
Mr Vincent Sithole
Tel: +27 12 420 6527
Email: vincent.sithole@up.ac.za
Ms Aretha Schultz
Tel: +27 12 420 2416
Email: aretha.schultz@up.ac.za
Postgraduate and Ethics Matters
Ms Tracey Andrew
Tel: +27 12 420 4850
Email: tracey.andrew@up.ac.za
Ms Dorcas Mokalapa
Tel: +27 12 420 4853
Email: dorcas.mokalapa@up.ac.za
Ms Lorraine Malope
Tel: +27 12 420 4855
Email: lorraine.malope@up.ac.za
Administrative Assistant
Ms Tebogo Wimmert
Tel: +27 12 420 5960
Email: tebogo.wimmert@up.ac.za
Mr Jackson Mmela
Tel: +27 12 420 4849
Email: jackson.mmela@up.ac.za
Mr Solomon Lebese
Tel: +27 12 420 6805
Email: solly.lebese@up.ac.za

Welcome to the Faculty Library for Humanities

The Faculty Library for Humanities’ goal is to support teaching & learning and research activities of students and staff of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria.

Contact Information

Physical Address


Department of Library Services
University of Pretoria
Level 1 & 6
cnr Lynnwood Road and Roper Street
Pretoria, South Africa

Tel.: +27 12 420 3300 (Level 1)
Tel.: +27 12 420 2806 (Level 6)


Postal Address


Department of Library Services
University of Pretoria
P.O. Box 12411
Pretoria, South Africa


Undergraduate study programmes

For more information on the degrees, admission requirements, closing dates for applications and selection criteria, consult the Faculty of Humanities Undergraduate Brochure. For more detailed outline of the study programmes, please consult the Faculty  of Humanities Undergraduate Yearbook.

Prospective students who wish to study Psychology must register for the BA-degree and take Psychology as one of their majors.

Important information for Prospective Undergraduate Students

Please note that BA Law applications for the year commencing in 2019 are closed due to capacity constraints. Should your APS however be 38 or more, please contact Ms Ntsiki Dhlamini (ntsiki.dhlamini@up.ac.za).

Please note that the closing date for the following selection degrees is 30 June 2018:

  • BA Information Design (01130102)
  • BA Fine Arts (01130103)
  • BDram (01130117)
  • BMus (01132003)
  • BA Speech Language Pathology (01130104)
  • BA Audiology (01130105)

Applications open for 2024

Please note that applications for the year commencing in 2024 are open. Please click here for more information.

BSocSci (PPE)

This is a reminder that STK 210 and STK 220 are part of the current core curriculum of the BSocSci (PPE) degree.

UP Open Day:  2024

In line with the University of Pretoria’s efforts to engage more effectively with its various stakeholders, the University will no longer be hosting a general on its campus in 2024 but will be launching an interactive, online web application, which will provide a comprehensive overview of the University’s academic offerings, its campuses, and facilities. We invite you to visit the University’s website at www.up.ac.za


Postgraduate study programmes

Postgraduate study programmes offered by the Faculty of Humanities

All undergraduate degrees tie in with postgraduate study programmes. For more information on admission requirements, closing dates for applications and selection criteria for such programmes, consult the Faculty of Humanities Postgraduate Yearbook. For more information on these programmes, please contact the specified coordinators as indicated in the Faculty of Humanities Postgraduate Yearbook or email Ms Naniki Rakolle at the FacultyStudent Administration at naniki.rakolle@up.ac.za .

Humanities Postgraduate Guide

Click here for the Humanities Postgraduate Guide for master’s or a doctorate programme

MSW/MSocSci Employee Assistance Programmes MSW/MSocSci Employee Assistance Programmes

Please be informed that the specialised master’s programme, MSW/MSocSci Employee Assistance Programmes, is suspended for 2018 and 2019 and that no new students will be enrolled during this time. Please direct any enquiries to the Department (Ms Phillicia Ledwaba, tel. 012 420 2325; or Ms Tania Steyn, tel. 012 420 2030).


Departments and teaching units

  • Department of African Languages
  • Department of Afrikaans
  • Department of Ancient Languages and Cultures (Amalgamated with the Department of Modern European Languages under the new name Ancient and Modern Languages and Cultures)
  • Ancient and Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Department of Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Department of Drama
  • Department of English
  • Department of Historical and Heritage Studies
  • Department of Modern European Languages (Amalgamated with the Department of Ancient  Languages and Cultures under the new name Ancient and Modern Languages and Cultures)
  • Department of Music
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Political Sciences
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Social Work and Criminology
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
  • Department of Sport and Leisure Studies
  • Department of UP Arts
  • Department of Visual Arts
  • Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Unit for Academic Literacy

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